10 Gorgeous Nails Ideas For An Elegant Look

Every girl should be in love with her nails. Nails are beautiful and there is always a new nail art for them to make them look fascinating and stylish. In this article, we have gathered a small collection of nails ideas that you will help you adorn your nails beautifully.


  1. Short French Nails

nails ideas 1

This is one of the most popular nails ideas. This idea is very popular because the design is fabulous, simple and extremely elegant. This exquisite nail design will look fantastic on any nails whether they are short or almond.



2. Lilac Nails with Marble pattern

nails ideas 2

These lilac nails with marble patterns look totally fascinating. They are elegant and cool. This adorable design will make you look charming. It is perfect for nights out especially if you are wearing a sexy club outfit and a diamond ring. 



3. Stamped nails

nails ideas 3

If you are looking for a unique nails design, you came to the right place. This design is outstanding and it will look amazing and super cool on any girl. Light color manicures such as pink, green, and yellow are perfect with this design. They will give you a gentle and delicate apparel.



4. Triangular Nails ideas

nails ideas 4

Triangular designs are very popular. They are a new trend and you should definitely try one. This one is a combination of black, créme, and gold. These three colors look very elegant and attractive together. Besides, this design is suitable for all occasions. You don’t have to do your nails again when you are going on a date after work.


5. Nude Almond Nails

nails ideas 5

Almond nails are one of the trendiest nails ideas. They have an elegant shape and they make any bright manicure looks fascinating. If you are looking for a design to wow your friends, you should copy this one. It is elegant and it will look fascinating with any outfit.



6. French design

nails ideas 6

This vintage design looks gorgeous and alluring. Its beauty lies behind its simplicity. This gorgeous nail idea is quite simple and it takes no time to be copied. Dark purple manicure and silver accent are must-have colors for any girl.



7. Almond nails with an accent

nails ideas.

For a fashionable appearance, you should try this nails idea. It will give you stunning nails.



8. Peach Nails With Marble Design

nails ideas 8

Peach manicure is very beautiful and it is favored by many women. You can combine peach manicure with marble manicure to have very trendy nails look. Add a few patterns to the marble nail for a natural look. You can also add some gems or pearls for fanciness and sophistication.



9. Geometric Nails

nails ideas 9

This is one of the simplest nails ideas. Geometric patterns are extremely popular and trendy. Even the simplest ones such as this one look beautiful and attractive. This idea is recommended for beginners. It can be easily copied and it takes no time. The geometric pattern and magnetic gold will definitely warm your heart.


10. Burgundy V-Design

nails ideas

This is one of the most elegant nails ideas. These magenta nails look astonishing with properly chosen patterns. The V design is elegant and the burgundy nails are very attractive and appealing, together they will make your nails look totally stunning. Besides, this idea is quite simple and any girl can recreate it easily.

These are some of the best nails ideas. These ideas will inspire you to come up with a gorgeous nails design. Besides, they are simple. I hope you have enjoyed them.

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